About us

Our mother company is Win Win Industrial Company which is founded in 1976.


Since 2015, we have established a robotic team based in Hong Kong. The R&D is mainly focused on service robot from international brand such as Softbank Robotics, Sanbot Robotics and Kompai Robotics.


One of our major obstacles is lack of talent entering to the industry,  that's why we set up the Laboratory for ROBOTS. Hopefully more people will join the Game!

We’re preparing children for the future of work

Robotics Ambassador

Synchronized Dance

Dancing queens in Book Fair 2017

Multi-Language in Auto Switch

Recognize your language & switch automatically to respond your questions


Robots can be programmed to carry out some tasks that are too complex for humans, or those are boring, dirty or dangerous.

Can also be classified as industrial and have multiple uses from robots that weld parts on auto assembly lines to robots that interact with humans in the service industry.