Ultraviolet (uv)

The irradiation intensity of ultraviolet disinfection lamp is greater than that stipulated in the specification of medical disinfection technology

70uW/ GB19258


According to "treatment and prevention of pneumonia infected by novel coronavirus" and "hospital air purification management code", the recommended air disinfection plan of the isolated area:


Disinfection by UV lamp irradiation: twice a day, each for 60 minutes; Spraying 3% hydrogen peroxide , disinfection 2 times a day, each 60 minutes

High efficency

Pre-set route to perform sanitizing duty. Equipped with 4 groups of short-wave UVC ultraviolet sterilization lamp + 6 groups of atomizing sprinkler head. Auto recharge while out of battery.

Large capacity

Disinfectant capacity 12L, machine last up to 8 hours of work




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