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We pursue perfection of specific areas

In our 9 years of experience, we have served numbers of customers whole-heartedly. Clients were satisfied with the results, that help us to accumulate good reputation in the industry. Please give us an opportunity to help you to reach your goal together. 

STEM Education

STEM is the trend of education to develop creativity and logic. We can customize programs for different age groups of students and situations which allow students to learn effectively and happily.  


To fight against COVID-19, you need smart anti-epidemic robots for temperature screening, disinfection, mask on detection and etc.  Contactless delivery robot also avoid virus infection

Rental Service

We stepped out the tradition, we provide monthly rental service for our Star Speed functional robots with 12 months contract.  NO stock keeping is needed!  Upgrade Model every year.


The world's population is rapidly ageing. In the future, the elderly will pursue a more independent and higher-quality retirement life.  We focus on providing effective solutions to improve the way of life for ageing people, through gerontological knowledge to obtain a better understanding of individuals' preferences and requirements.  The elderly can have fun and also chitchat with our companion robot

Software Develop

Roboratory has a software development team to help your robot design and build software, which is custom-made!

Event Rental

How to make your event more joyful and attractive? Robot absolutely can help you.  

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