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Glass Buildings

Customized, Cloud-based, 

Intelligent Humanoid

Service Robot

New Era for intelligent robotic service

Indoor Virus Protection Robot

  • Non Contact Temperature Measurement

  • Mask Detection and Alert System

  • Optional disinfectant patrol

  • Telepresence option for safe communication 

UBTECH is a global leading AI and humanoid robotics company founded in 2012. Born out of industry-leading breakthroughs first made in 2008 to digital servos – the core part that enables humanoid robots to move – UBTECH has grown its worldwide research, design, development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing capabilities to successfully launch an entire portfolio of world-class robots, including consumer humanoid robots, enterprise service robots, and STEM skill-building robots for kids at home with JIMU Robot and in the classroom through UBTECH Education.

Progressive study for all grades

from lower elementary, upper elementary, junior high, senior high to the college/university.

Linking AI with the real world

the curriculum features technology and algorithm as tools and means, PBL approach, hands-on experience, problem-solving orientation, STEAM education and forming favouring mindsets and habits.

UBTECH AI Robotic Education Solution (STEAM)

Alpha Mini

Alpha Mini is a small intelligent humanoid robot, combined with a unique life-sense programming architecture, multi-degree-of-freedom micro servo steering gear technology, and AI voice/visual technology. It can provide rich teaching support such as mobile application development, multi-modal human-computer interaction, etc.


The small humanoid biped robot platform with features such as Raspberry Pi + STM32 open hardware platform architecture, 17 degree of freedom anthropomorphic design, the support of AI voice & vision technology, multi-sensors, and communication model. It supports various open-source sensor packages, which could be used as the introductory/advanced teaching platform for AI & robots.

uKit Explore

Structure building robot based on Arduino open source platform, combined with rich sensor/actuator extension, breadboard and electronic component package extension, can satisfy comprehensive education applications, such as programming learning, mechanical structure design, sensor intelligent application, circuit design learning, competition/maker, etc.

Patent Applications
Abundant APIs
Realistic Automated Driving Skills


 A True Educational AI Automated Driving Car
Enrichment of the Ecology
Educational Malleability
Real-world Scenario
Sense of Modernity and Technology in AI
AIbox designs for AI class teaching, it adopts mainstream high-performance NVIDIA AI computing platform, pre-configured with rich AI applications and AI interfaces, and provides AI theme courses of machine learning/deep learning, computer vision, intelligent voice etc. AIbox can also be composed of automatic driving car RoboGo and combined with other UBTECH products to achieve a rich and comprehensive AI applications and experiences.
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