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Enrichment of the Ecology AIboxenario

  • Curriculum

  • Hardware

  • Application

Educational Malleability

  • From middle school to colleges

  • Easy-to-hard learning mode with sufficient depth

  • Numerous product features

Real-world Scenario

  • Hardware configuration for reality-like autonomous driving solutions

  • Teaching content and functions combined with automated driving scenarios

Sense of Modernity and Technology in AI

  • High degree of intelligence

  • A strong sense of technology and science in appearance

  • speedy sense

Light Detection And Ranging(LIDAR)

9-axis attitude sensor

Ultrasonic sensor

HD wide-angle camera

High-strength aluminum alloy

High-precision steering engine

AI Box a powerful core for neural network computing

High power motor

LG 18650 battery

Main Parts


Overall Size

304.5 * 167.8 * 186.7 (Length* Width * Height)


Net Weight


12.6V, 1A


45 minutes or more (with Albox)



1,000,000 pixel, 30 pcs., 1280 * 720



0 ~ 3.5 m/s (recommended to use within 1.5m/s)

Turning Angle

20° left ~ 20° right


3cm  ~ 90cm, beam angle 10°


0.1 ~ 8m, 7Hz, 360°

Curriculum [for College]

Course Description:

•The purpose of this course is to provide a preliminary understanding of autonomous driving technology.

•to understand the basic structure, system components and perception capabilities of autonomous vehicles.

•to understand the application and implementation methods of artificial intelligence in the field of autonomous driving.

•to be familiar with the functional characteristics and application scenarios of autonomous driving technologies.

•To develop students' application development ability in artificial intelligence.

Curriculum [for High School]

Reference standards:
High School Information Course Standard (China)、AI4K12 (USA)


Key Point

1)to understand the characteristics of RoboGo;

2) to master the control method of the car body, and be able to design buttons to improve the user experience

Human-vehicle Interaction

1) to master the method of obtaining the car camera screen;

2) to master the use of logo recognition interface.

Difficulty: Understand the concept and method of multithreading programming

Car’s “Vision"

Advanced driver-assistance systems

1) to master the individual use of the ADAS function interface.

Difficulty: adjusting parameters to improve the operation of LKA.



Integrate the use of existing autonomous driving functions to achieve a complete automated driving operation process.

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