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NAO is a tremendous programming tool and he has especially become a standard in education and research.

UBTech Alpha Mini

Alpha Mini is a small intelligent humanoid robot, combined with a unique life-sense programming architecture. It can provide rich teaching support 

Be an Early Innovator



uKit is programmable building block kit which allows students to easily access the coding world with its APP dynamic instruction and hundreds of parts which can be combined into many different models.

UBTech Robogo

A True Educational AI Automated Driving Car

UBTech AI Box

AIbox designs for AI class teaching, and  provides AI theme courses of machine learning/deep learning. AI Box  combined with other UBTECH products to achieve a rich and comprehensive AI applications and experiences


Yanshee is an ideal educational robot designed to provide the ultimate open-source platform for educators and students to learn, experiment, research,and engage with.

NEO BEAR 小熊尼奧 

Popup Zoo 2 is a new series of AR interactive 3D flashcards. With the latest real-time audio, environmental tracking, pet simulations and a fruitful selection of hi-tech experience, Popup Zoo 2 eliminates boredom from traditional learning processes and makes early education more efficient and interesting. By using AR technology, it turns the animal cards into lively animation of animals on the screen of an electronic device.

The use of edible soybean ink ensures a safe learning experience for young kids who often explore the world through their mouth. Also, the safe rounded-corner design and a thickness of 1mm of the cards prevents damage to their tender skin.

AR Globe is the new early education product for children based on AR technology. With the world’s leading globe surface identifying and tracking technology and 3D rendering technology, children can have a direct and comprehensive picture of the whole world. Supported by 9 languages, it has revolutionised the cognition model of traditional globe so that children can acquire geographical knowledge easily.

With a simple click, you can travel all around the globe which contains thousands of knowledge, discovering each and every corner of the world! A virtual globe is a 3D software model of the Earth, which perfectly designed for kids with the ability to freely move around in a virtual environment by changing the viewing angle and position.

Choregraphe for Nao & Pepper

Choregraphe is a multi-platform desktop application, allowing you to: Create animations, behaviors and dialogs, Test them on a simulated robot, or directly on a real one, Monitor and control you robot.

Choregraphe allows you to create applications containing Dialogs, services and powerful behaviors, such as interaction with people, dance, e-mails sending, without writing a single line of code.

Train the trainer class

Tailor made your own robot to fit your educational, functional purposes.


NAO is a tremendous programming tool and he has especially become a standard in education and research.

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