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The software and hardware of AIbox developed specifically for the AI teaching environment, with the integrated teaching mode of "teaching, learning, practicing and competition", improve the overall teaching and learning effect.

Strong Computing Power

Equipped with Nvidia Jetson Nano neural network acceleration chip, the AI computing power of AIbox is several times more than the PC, can truly simulate a variety of AI application scenarios including voice recognition, visual recognition, automatic driving, etc.​

Whole Process of AI Implementation Principle Experience

Tens of thousands of common items of pre-training data built specifically for classroom teaching, allowing students to experience the complete data collection -> model training -> model inference -> programming -> model calling process in a short period of time in the classroom.

Offline Algorithms for Stable Calling 

AIbox has pre-installed major mainstream python packages and common library files, simplifies the process of installation and configuration, making teaching and learning easier. All AI capabilities except for voice interaction can be called offline.

Built-in Algorithms

Millisecond Face Recognition

Mask Recognition

Object Recognition

Garbage Sorting

Face Key Point Detection

Emotion Detection

Handwritten/Printed Number Recognition

License Plate Recognition

Population Counting

Car Counting and Detection

Posture Prediction

Voice Interaction

Photo Style Switch

Static Gesture Recognition

Automatic Driving

Traffic Sign Identification

Tunnel Environmental Testing

Roadway Obstacle Avoidance

Rich Teaching Resources

UBTECH has developed systematic curriculum materials for elementary school, middle school and high school, "AI in Smart Campus", "AI Future Maker" and "AI Exploration Journey” and the “Mars Smart Builder" competition as a learning outcome platform.

Hardware Management -- uTools

uTools is a centralized management tool built for multiple device management in teaching scenarios. Through the uTools the teacher can control multiple student AIboxes and perform batch version upgrade, reboot, shutdown, restore factory settings, etc. The teacher can also lock the AIbox on the student side so that students can be more concentrated in class.

Hierarchical Curriculum

China Mainland Standard

International K12 Standard


Lesson Slides

Lesson Plan

Student Evaluation Book


《AI in Smart Campus》

《AI Future Maker》

《AI Exploration Journey》

Course Duration

Elementary : 30 hrs

Junior - L1 : 16 hrs

Junior - L2 : 16 hrs

Senior - L1 : 24 hrs

Senior - L2 : 8 hrs

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