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Anti-epidemic Robot AIMBOT Core Functions

1. Non-contact Temperature Measurement ( + 0.3 C)

  • Measure all people's body temperatures within the sight-distance range

2. Mask Detection and Warning​

  • UBTECH Vision Algorithm to warn those  who are not wearing masks in the real time.

3. Non-contact Automatic Disinfection

  • Reduce the risk being infected area and the danger of disinfectant of staffs.  Also, it solves the lack of labor problem.​​

4. Customized Voice Broadcast

  • AIMBOT uses Voice broadcast related to the epidemic prevention as a friendly reminder

5. Environment Status Detection​

  • Such as PM2.5, humidify and temperature, the environment status is under monitor

6. Big Data management

  • AIMBOT collect and gather all sorts of data to do the analysis work, so as to assist critical decision-making.

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