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Cloud Based Intelligent Service Robot Designed For The Future

Precise Navigation

USLAM Navigation & Obstacle Avoidance

Using our proprietary U-SLAM navigation technology, Cruzr can adapt routes to environment changes, map areas up to 10,000sqft, avoid ledges and edges to arrive at any location with precision.

Control Your Robotic Fleet

Centralized Control Center

With Cruzr's centralized control center, you can observe all your Curzr's from one easy to use dashboard and gain invaluable information about your customers.

Connecting Through Cruzr

U-Meeting Video Call System

Instantly bring a human in the loop and extend your workforce with our video call system.

Intelligent Recognition

Facial Recognition

Create unique personalized experiences with Cruzr's facial recognition technology.  Cruzr can remember users and recommend relevant products and services based on past behaviors.

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